Welcome A. Prof. Changjiang Liu from China University of Petroleum to be a committee member!

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A. Prof. Changjiang Liu

China University of Petroleum

Research Area: 

CO2 Storage, H2O-CO2-Rock/Coal Interactions, Coalbed Methane geology and geochemistry, Oil & Gas Geology

Research Experience: 

Changjiang Liu got his PhD degree in China University of Mining and Technology, majoring in geochemistry, Joint Training of Doctoral Students in the University of Queensland. He is a visiting scholar at the University of Edinburgh and Malardalen University. His research interests are main in two areas. The first is in CO2 sequestration into coal seam and H2O-rock reaction, including the changes of pore structure and elements migration during CO2 sequestration. The second area of interest was in petroleum geology and particularly in understanding the origin and genetic types of deep oil and gas (burial depth more than 6000 m). He has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers and served as a reviewer for several international top journals such as Applied Energy, Fuel, Energy & Fuel.